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TRAVEL & destination wedding fees


There is also a separate travel fee which is
as follows (based in Tottenham, North London):
-5 to 10 miles= £17
-10 to 20 miles= £25
-20 to 30 miles= £30
-30 to 35 miles= £35

-35 to 40 miles= £40


For locations further away, contact us
and provide details of the location and ceremony
time as travel costs/accommodation will
need to be discussed.


International booking costs
will also include flights, transfers, accommodation, any visas and covid-test related costs.

To secure a booking date, a £100 deposit is
required of the bride as well as a £30
deposit from each member of the bridal
a party who wishes to get their hair styled on
the day.

​For half and full-day wedding packages, time commences from when the bridal hairstyling session is scheduled to begin.

NB: All deposits made are non-refundable.
Please be aware that prices and packages are
subject to change at any time


Flights/ Trains and accommodation with breakfast should be provided. 

Visas and all Covid-related costs/ tests would also need to be paid for if it’s required for travel. 

Travel fees to and from London should be provided. Destination transfers should also be considered both to and from the airport/ train station, as well as between all wedding locations throughout the trip.  

Please provide us with hotel and flight/ train booking information before confirming. Also, note that flights should include/ allow for at least 1 piece of luggage to be checked in (no less than 20kg). Flights and accommodation information should be booked/ confirmed & and information on these should be provided to us no later than 6 weeks before the booking date.

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